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The Connected Life

Sep 23, 2019

For many of us, parents can be a sensitive subject. As children our desire is to be loved and nurtured, but for some, that doesn’t always feel like the reality of what happened. When parents are involved in creating pain, it can sometimes be easier to look at our past through rose-tinted glasses. Getting honest with ourselves can sometimes be the most heartbreaking part of our journey.

A mother’s love and care is key to the development of any child. For some, however, that love and care can be absent, or sometimes feel toxic. In a season of popping denial, Abi takes an honest look at her childhood and how her mother’s life of prescription drug addiction and mental sickness actually impacted her well being.

Join Justin and Abi in this incredibly raw and vulnerable episode as Abi shares, tears and all, about her journey of processing through the pain of loosing a mother that was seemingly never there.


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