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The Connected Life

Jan 28, 2019

From eight months of “Fading” to three weeks of Dating, and then "BAM" engaged! Tune in as we share the wild ride of how we learned to listen to our intuition and let surrender, wisdom, and trust guide us in the timing that was the best for both of us. 

Jan 21, 2019

How does “Never ever will I date you.”, turn into Justin officially asking Abi out? Tune in to this juicy episode where we learn how to manipulate people into choosing and loving you… Wait, no…never do that. But what we will tell you is how to let go of people, respect someone's "no" without taking a hit to...

Jan 14, 2019

Pull up a chair for the first half of an epic love story! No, not a storybook fairytale, but a real-life, full of messy ups and downs story of how two people (after a looong process) ended up together. Full of laughter, practical nuggets of wisdom for any relationship, and a major twist you won't see coming -...