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The Connected Life

May 11, 2020

It’s easy to feel out of control and barraged by emotions. Sometimes it’s unclear what we’re feeling, or why we’re feeling it. The truth is, emotions are an energy pulsating in us and through us. We are consistently broadcasting this energy to the world around us. Through intelligent design, we have been made for relationship, and our ability to broadcast is equal to our capacity to be receptors.

In this episode, Justin and Abi shine a spotlight on the world of feelings. They discuss the paramount necessity of self-awareness in order to accurately understand what feelings are yours and what feelings are other’s. Without this kind of clarity we can live our entire lives believing we’re an emotional mess, when in reality, our receptors are simply sensitive the world around us.

Get ready for some eye opening ah-ha’s as you tune into this episode and take back the power you didn’t know you lost!

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