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The Connected Life

Dec 25, 2023

For many of us it’s easy to live life from one day to the next getting bogged down by the demands and drama that we believe require our attention. We can get lost in goals and achievements, while finding ourselves missing out on vital moments that are designed to impact us and the world around us. But what happens when we take time to slow down and reflect on the love that we’ve received and given?

In this powerful Christmas episode, Justin and Abi reflect on ways that love has been gifted to them through experiences with other people as well as the ways they’ve participated in loving others. They share how love is never wasted, even when relationships get messy or they’re only momentary. Through answering 7 simple questions they model how you can connect to the beauty this life has to offer while making the most out of the love the exists all around you!

If you’re wanting to have a beautiful experience that inspires you as you step into the coming New Year, this episode is a fantastic way to make that happen!