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The Connected Life

Dec 4, 2023

Every family system comes with its own mess. Every sibling finds themselves playing a role whether it’s assigned to them or they unconsciously take it on. Through these roles pain is perpetuated. In an environment where we should feel most known, we can feel the least seen. But what if our our siblings could be catalytic to feeling loved and understood?

In this episode Justin takes a fascinating behind the scenes look into a family of twelve through the eyes of three siblings on independent journey’s of emotional healing. Katie, Sarah, and Phillip open up about the roles they played in a large family, the different ways they react to conflict and pain, and the process of rediscovering each other as adults. Katie shares vulnerably about the difficulties of being a “parentified” child and, in an incredibly touching and heartfelt moment, Sarah and Phillip take time to acknowledge Katie in her pain of being the oldest.

If you have siblings and have ever wanted a better connection with them, this episode will inspire you to have hope and to take steps towards repair with yourself and the ones you love and long to know.

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