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The Connected Life

Nov 27, 2023

We all have certain expectations of what our lives should look like both in the long term and the day to day. These expectations can often get us stuck in ways of living that leave us having an experience that can feel boring and mediocre. Change can be scary and disappointment can feel overwhelmingly painful, but can the unexpected actually be an invitation to pivot into an abundant life that gets fully lived?

In this episode Justin and Abi open up about detours that became divine pivots in their lives. They share about unforeseen moments of pain and difficulty that changed their trajectory, their choices not to resist, and the resilience it produced. They discuss how childlike wonder takes moments of suffering and transforms them into opportunities to discover the truth of our being. Lastly, they explore the ways mystery and intrigue are vital to creating memorable lives just like they are to making great movies.

If you’re looking for an episode that will help you take the messiest moments of life and turn them into encouraging opportunities, this episode is JUST FOR YOU!

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