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The Connected Life

Feb 27, 2023

Whether it’s friendships, marriage, parenting, business, health goals, finances, or faith, we all have areas where our subconscious beliefs are affecting the way we’re experiencing life. It’s easy to feel like life is happening to us, but what if we’re always getting what we really want? 

In this episode Justin and Abi are joined by their close friend Ruth who shares about the “ah-ha’s” she had moving back to England to live with her mom during the pandemic. Through a series of meltdowns and repeated attempts to control her mom’s experience she began to realize that the world wasn’t just “happening to” either of them. Digging deep, Ruth came to terms with a well of conflicting intentions that held her back from many of her desires. Through a mirror reflecting Ruth’s intentions she realized that her desire for her mom’s well being was merely control disguised as love, with hopes of getting her needs met. Understanding the subconscious sabotaging, through her conflicting beliefs, Ruth began to change the course of her life, and so can you!  

If you’ve ever experienced problematic cycles that you’d be happy to do without, this episode will leave you with clarity and inspiration necessary to begin repairing the things that seem to be broken!