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The Connected Life

Jan 30, 2023

Long-term, romantic relationships are filled with many ups and downs. As humans, it’s easy to unintentionally hurt the people we love the most. When the difficulties become too much it’s only a matter of time before someone gets help or walks away. But what happens when one person chooses the path to wholeness while the other one wants to stay the same?

In this episode Justin is joined by his close friend and brother Jeremy Morris. Jeremy shares the single most pivotal advice Justin ever gave him and how that advice saved his marriage and changed the course of his life. Together they explore possible reasons as to why one partner seemingly resists growth, what to do when you’re changing and your partner isn’t, and how to approach radical personal ownership with pure intensions that don’t put a demand on someone else to change. 

If you’re wanting to develop an abundant life, regardless of your partners approach, this episode will empower you with the knowledge necessary to adjust limiting perspectives that can keep you from your desires!