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The Connected Life

Dec 16, 2019

Leadership is messy! For both those leading and those following. It can be a rough ride on each side of the coin and we’ve all had our fair share of aches, pains, and problems no matter which side you land on.

In part two, of this two-part episode, Justin and Abi discuss some things that leaders should definitely NOT do, as well as things we should not be expecting our leaders to be doing for us. They also talk about how to handle both good and bad advice from leadership, why we should value our own voice just as much, and four keys to maintaining balance in our world.

As a bonus, Abi and Justin take time to end the episode with an invitation into healing and more freedom.

If you’ve ever felt abused by any type of authority figure, or you’ve been a leader and felt the heavy, impossible expectations people have put on you, then this episode is a MUST listen to!