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The Connected Life

Dec 26, 2022

The world we live in can easily seem grim. For many of us, perceiving the cup as half empty is called being a realist, while viewing those that see goodness as nothing more than living in denial. But, what if seeing the cup as half full leads to life becoming full, without sacrificing an awareness of the very real pain in the world?

In this post Christmas episode, Abi and Justin explore the affects of becoming aware of the goodness life has to offer. They share a key moment in their own journey that changed their outlook and approach forever. Without sacrificing their connection to reality, the two describe how their connection to gratitude has rewired their connection to love and redefined their experience of life. Together they reflect on intimate details of the goodness that has impacted them over the last year as they prepare for another new year. 

If you’re wanting to experience a better life in the coming year, this episode is the perfect foundation to build from! Get ready to have some laughs and be moved by the possibilities of what your life can truly be!

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