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The Connected Life

Aug 8, 2022

Tragedy, trauma, and loss can leave us feeling like we’re living a life of deficit. It’s easy to feel broken beyond repair and living a “normal” existence feels like nothing more than a dream for another lifetime. But what if it was possible to redeem what was lost while creating a thriving lifestyle that replicates your success?

In this episode Justin is joined by his friend and fellow Life Consultant Tyler Leifeste. Tyler opens up about the death of his dad at an early age and the debilitating affects of that loss on his life. Together they discuss the intimate three and half year journey they shared and the challenges they faced as Justin dug in and supported Tyler through the healing process. With hope and joy, Tyler shares about his way out of his darkness into vibrant life and how he turned his tragedy into triumph as a consultant helping others find the restoration they long for.

If you want a dose of hope for life beyond healing, this episode will inspire you to dream for possibilities that far outreach just getting better!

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