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The Connected Life

Feb 28, 2022

In our broken pursuit of feeling valuable, humans have a way of adopting a system of judgment where we can rank one another better than or less than. This hierarchy is based on our personal assessment of what makes something, or someone, good or bad. This arrogant approach to life dehumanizes some, while humanizing others, resulting in disconnected relationships, and a society lacking in compassion and understanding.

Marcus and Breanna Miller return for another insightful conversation as the group discusses the common humanity that we all share. They expose the system of hierarchy within the faith institution of Christianity and explore God’s approach to humanity’s shared suffering. Together they look at how this affects our ability to love ourselves and enjoy the life right in front of us.

If you have a value for growing in compassion and understanding for yourself, your loved ones, and the world around you, this conversation is just what you need to rewire the way you think and respond to life in general. Get ready for a deepening of love like you’ve never experienced!