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The Connected Life

Jan 17, 2022

Coming face to face with the attacker that left your daughter for dead should bread feelings of hatred and revenge. But what happens when love and compassion echo louder than the scars left on the heart of an entire family?

In the final episode of this three part series Steve and his daughter Mariah talk about the redemptive moments that began to unfold with Kimmi on the other side of her brutal attack. They share how the power of love and compassion led the way in Steve’s newfound approach to his daughter as she began her healing journey.

Steve talks about the detailed account of the attackers court sentencing and reads the family impact statement that left the court, and the attacker, in shock and tears.

This episode will leave your life forever impacted as one family shares what it looks like to extend radical love and compassion to the most unlovable. Don’t miss one of the most powerful episodes The Connected Life has ever shared!

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