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The Connected Life

Sep 20, 2021

There’s no definitive manual on how to raise children. Often times parents find themselves feeling overwhelmed and out of control. More discipline, or more rewards, is the usual approach to behavioral correction. But what if learning how to regulate your inner world brought a level of resolution to theirs?

In this episode Jonny and Pietze share how their road to self-discovery, and finding healing for their triggers, restored the peace and balance in their children’s lives. Through self-reflection, Jonny highlights the parallels of his parenting towards his son and his experience as a child with his own parents. In a moment of tenderness he shares his powerful conclusion that forever redirected the course of his relationship with his son.

If you’re a parent, or wanting to understand more about your own childhood, this episode will change the way you see parenting and equip you to feel capable and confident to face the hardest circumstances head on.