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The Connected Life

Jul 12, 2021

Fear can be debilitating for anyone, but it’s nothing more than the barrier between us and the destiny of who we were created to be. Having it is not the problem but being unwilling to face it is. Unaddressed fears have a way of squelching our creativity and ultimate our vision. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In part two of this two-part episode, Justin is joined by business partners and brothers-in-law Robby and Daniel. Justin investigates the fears they’ve been required to face as young entrepreneurs, husbands, and fathers. They share their journey of developing vision for every facet of life and the sense of exposure that comes with boldly choosing to take control of the helm of their own ship. Through boldness and bravery, these two model what it is to face your fears, cast your net, and trust in a higher power to bring in the catch.

If you’re wanting to be part of a relatable conversation that will help you feel supported in your process of becoming who you were created to be, this episode won’t disappoint!