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The Connected Life

Sep 12, 2022

For some couples, the early stages of marriage can be filled with wild romps in bed and mind blowing orgasms. For others, it’s a Sunday morning church service, not too exciting, predictable, but gets you where you need to go, and for others, the plane never even gets off the runway. Regardless of what camp you’re in, for anyone that’s been in a long-term relationship we all know that life can hit you hard and our sex lives are collateral damage to the impact. But can tough times be open doors to great sex?

In this episode Pietze and Jonny join Abi and Justin to explore their sex life. In this candid and steamy adult only conversation, Pietze and Jonny open up about the affects of being parents, pornography, and personal pain on their sex life. They share details of how they practically found healing for their hearts, creating mind-blowing sex experiences that forever changed how they rocked the casbah.

In a world filled with impotent, short-sighted Kama Sutra solutions for heart matters affecting people’s sex life, this episode will give you a practical map to creating the sex life you always wanted.

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