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The Connected Life

Dec 9, 2019

We’ve all had people with authority and influence over our lives, whether it’s bosses, pastors, coaches, or leaders in general. As children we learn that we can either submit or rebel to this authority. Unfortunately, this two-mode response system often carries over into adulthood.

If we’re hurt by, or disagree with the leaders in our world, we respond with judgment and condescension. On the flip side, if we give them all authority over us, we treat them like a god and we are rendered powerless in our own lives. Both have the capacity to destroy us. Luckily there is an alternative called balance.

Join Justin and Abi for this two-part episode as they discuss the detriments of demonizing or deifying spiritual authority, or any authority for that matter. They’ll also share keys to having healthy interactions with leaders that will help empower you to be the captain of your own life. You are, after all, the one living it.