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The Connected Life

Sep 9, 2019

It takes real guts to ride a 1,500 pound enraged bull, but the world of Professional Bull Riding is a full of gritty men ready to risk it all! In this episode Justin is joined by former Professional Bull Rider Todd Pierce.

Todd travels the world breaking the “unbreakable” horses through a radical display of patience, understanding, and love. After decades of doing the impossible, Todd found himself “bucked off his horse,” on Justin’s couch, facing a beast much bigger than a bull. Through a courageous act of risk, Todd went head to head with some of his most painful emotions and came out a bigger champion than ever before.

Get ready for a wild ride as Justin and Todd jump into Todd’s story of breaking horses and how that was a picture of his own breaking he had yet to experience. This episode will amaze you and inspire you to get back up after life has bucked you to the ground.