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The Connected Life

Jun 3, 2019

In this incredibly raw and exposing episode Justin opens up the doors to his personal life like never before!

During a live recorded counseling session Justin speaks out about his deep wounds with his father. Through blunt honesty and tears he purges a history of bottled up pain.

If you’ve ever wondered what it tangibly looks like to walk through the healing process this is a unique opportunity to go behind closed doors and get a front row seat. 

Get ready to be inspired about the possibilities of love and healing available for your own life as we dive head first into the messiness of Justin’s journey.

This episode will give you permission to be imperfect while challenging you to grow no matter what phase of life you’re in!

As a bonus, in next weeks episode, Justin’s Dad joins us and speaks candidly about his experience when he accidentally walked in on the live streaming of Justin’s session and how that affected him! You WON’T want to miss this two part experience.