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The Connected Life

May 27, 2019

For many people the word “weakness” is repulsive. Being “weak” is seen as a flaw in our humanity. Having an area of “weakness” is seen as unacceptable.

For the majority of people, our ability to “be strong” and perform is directly connected to our value and lovability. Because of this we try to ignore our weakness, acting as though it doesn’t exist. Or, it’s all we see and we feel deeply disqualified because of it.

But what if our “weakness” pointed to our greatness? What if it was the launching pad for our dreams and victories? What if some of the greatest gifts life had to offer were wrapped into the fabric of this “weakness”?

Join Justin and Abi as they unashamedly open up about their weaknesses. Listen in as they discuss the amazing opportunities that have come from accepting themselves as they are. Learn how every weakness is an invitation into greatness! It’s time to take back your life and redefine your story through hope and endless possibilities.


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