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The Connected Life

Jun 1, 2020

We all play a role in relationships. This role we play evolves in our childhoods as we take on very specific identities within our families. Some of us were the “responsible kid”, others were the “screw up”, "goof off", “black sheep”, “hyperactive”, or “timid” kid. The list of roles are endless, and when thought about for a moment, very apparent, especially at family gatherings.

In this episode Abi and Justin explore the roles we play in our family systems and highlight critical postures we have to take in order to pivot out of an identity that was never supposed to be ours in the first place. Though the price to get out can be great, the cost to stay in the system could bankrupt a person.

If you’re ready to redefine your identity in your family and to the world at large, this is a MUST listen to episode!

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