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The Connected Life

Mar 23, 2020

For many of us, the world has gone topsy turvy. Fear and panic rule the news and social media. Uncertainty about jobs and future plans are all up in the air. Kids are out of school and ruining our routines. Toilet paper shortages are leaving many of us having to shower multiple times a day! Yeah it’s a wild time and we’re living through a historic moment.

But fear not! Abi and Justin are on the scene with pepperings of humor and strategies on how to connect and come alive in circumstances that are leaving many people feeling wildly out of control. If you want keys to thriving through Pandemic 2020, you’re going to need more than social distancing and we’ve got what you need.

Join us as we share powerful and hopeful thoughts on today’s fear crisis. This is a timely message you won’t want to miss!