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The Connected Life

Mar 30, 2020

We all have our secrets. Behind those secrets, no matter how big or small, lurks the voice of shaming accusation. The singular goal of this voice is to suffocate our humanity until the essence of a life fully lived is no more.

Surviving a childhood of normalized abuse is often just that, survival. In this riveting two part episode, Justin sits down and chats with his friend, Jeremy, to talk about the secrets that kept Jeremy from thriving and nearly took his life. He opens up about a childhood riddled with shame inducing secrets that were the driving force behind addiction and many other destructive decisions.

If you’ve needed bravery to face the secrets haunting you from the past, this episode, filled with radical bravery, packs a punch of the necessary strength and courage you might be looking for!

Oh, and you won’t want to miss part two when Justin and Jeremy reveal a wild mystery behind their friendship, tying together a story over 40 years in the making!