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The Connected Life

Mar 9, 2020

Suffering and sadness are an unavoidable part of the human experience. The gift of suffering is that it illuminates humanity in a unique and special way. Although no one can truly understand the full suffering of another, or the impact of that suffering, they can accept our journey, stand with us, and learn to hold space for our process.

In part three of this series we dive into Justin’s perspective and how he learned to stay healthy while loving someone in a rough spot. He shares how he knew Abi would be sick when he met her, yet chose to marry her knowing that it would affect his life. He talks about his own season of physical pain and sickness and how that paved the way for a greater measure of empathy and sacrificial love for Abi.

Along with all of that, Justin and Abi discuss how to extract the gifts from within suffering, why we need more than one supportive source, how to take care of our own heart when someone we love is suffering, and letting go of over-responsibility.

Get ready to break co-dependency and have your view of suffering radically changed!

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