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The Connected Life

Feb 12, 2024

Disconnections in relationships are normal and to be expected. Yet, for many of us, the disconnections we often saw modeled to us growing up didn’t end well. For so many, the experiences we’ve been exposed to are filled with unresolved pain that ends in further distance or no acknowledgement of the real problems at all. Because of this, being present in other people’s conflict can be anxiety inducing, sending us into fight, flight, freeze, or fawn responses. But what if we could sit down in the midst of someone’s messiness and realize that everything can truly be okay?

In this very candid episode Abi and Justin have taken their gloves off and they’re ready to brawl. While sitting down to record a new podcast episode they find themselves disagreeing about the content, sending them into a triggered meltdown, and an adult time out. After sending their producer home, they bravely return to the studio to discuss their disconnect in real time in front of the cameras. In a moment that could be utter disaster, they share their unfiltered feelings as they pursue reconnection and discuss the ways they’ve grown in conflict.

If you’ve ever had trouble reconnecting in a relationship you’ll find this episode deeply relatable and freeing. Come take a listen and let the high stakes in conflict melt away!


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