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The Connected Life

Feb 5, 2024

Our time on earth is limited and facing the reality of our mortality can feel scary or morbid. We can easily place our deaths in the back of our minds where we imagine them far off in some distant future and forget how precious each moment truly is. In the end of another person’s life it’s realistic to reflect not only on how they spent it, but also how we’re spending the incredible gift we’ve been given.

In this episode Abi and Justin sit down to discuss the recent loss of Abi’s Uncle Johnny. Abi vulnerably shares about the sad, yet beautiful and redemptive ending to John’s story that left her facing grief while finding healing. Together they celebrate how Johnny lived his life and reflect on the simple yet powerful ways his love left an impact on this world. Lastly, they reminisce about individual moments they had with him while exploring the what a life well lived can look like.

If you’re wanting to feel what it’s like to experience beauty and redemption in the midst of tragedy, this episode will melt your heart and bring you comfort. Don’t miss out!


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