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The Connected Life

Sep 25, 2023

In part two of this two part series Justin and Abi’s close friend, fellow Life Consultant, and clinical psychologist Ruth Outram joins the conversation once again.

In this episode Ruth takes us deeper into the impact of her belief system on her financial wellbeing. She shares about her battle with shame and the intolerable emotions she fought to avoid like anxiety and worry. She also discusses her practical process of rewiring her beliefs through deliberate actions. Together they tackle the common humanity we all share in our struggles, the difference between avoidance and hyper-fixation, and how having a healthy view of God’s nature can dramatically shift your life from lack to abundance. Lastly they take a look at the power of celebrating our victories while refusing to quit in any area of development.

If you’re wanting relief and clarity on your approach to finances, or want a healthy approach to rewiring any part of your belief system, this episode is right up your alley!

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