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The Connected Life

Sep 11, 2023

Our attraction to others can often feel confusing and complicated. For many of us it’s easy to judge ourselves for the things we don’t understand about our desires. Without a better understanding of how we function it’s easy to create conclusions about ourselves and our identities. But what if clarity about our attraction and sexuality could break shame and bring freedom?

In this episode Abi and Justin sit down with their good friend Ruth Outram, a clinical psychologist training to get her doctorate, to discuss the dynamics of attraction. Ruth shares how attraction is so much more than the limited view that culture has painted. She discusses the differences between adaptive and proceptive attraction and how being able to have curiosity with yourself and your attraction helps you to go on an authentic exploration of yourself, without the shaming shoulds.

If you’re wanting a better understanding of yourself, and the way you romantically connect in relationships, this episode will help you have a more healthy approach and a perspective that will help break shame. Don’t miss out!

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