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The Connected Life

Sep 4, 2023

Can you imagine a world where you feel like a champ at fostering repair in conflict? When disconnection hits a relationship it can be really jarring. Without tools to reconnect we can feel overwhelmed, anxious, and out of control. It’s easy to feel like we’re failing, or just getting by. Sometimes, it can even feel hopeless and irreparable. But what if there were a few foundational principles that could set you up to feel like a boss at repair?

In this episode Justin and Abi share about the failings and victories they’ve had in conflict with each other. They process the ways personal ownership, empathy, and compassion are vital to establishing a sense of safety and care fundamental to repairing a divide. They dive into the practical necessity of self-awareness and how narrating our inner emotions and intentions can be a game changer in difficult conversations. Lastly they discuss how we can become empowered in the repair process and feel successful regardless of how others show up.

If you’re wanting a practical approach to feel more confident in conflict, this episode will lower the stakes and give you a better understanding of yourself and others! You won’t want to miss it!

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