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The Connected Life

Aug 28, 2023

We all desire a life filled with healthy connections. Unfortunately, the way we relate to others stops us from having the fulfillment we hope for. Oftentimes we assume the intent of other’s words, actions, and decisions. These judgements leave massive room for misinterpretation, creating chaos and disconnection. But what if something as simple as curiosity could restore working relationships, friendships, families, and marriages?

In this episode Justin and Abi explore reasons as to why we often lean towards assumptions rather than curiosity. They discuss how our interpretation of the emotional energy people emit isn’t always indicative of their thoughts, feelings, and actions. They share ways our assumptions may not only be incorrect, but also damaging to ourselves and others. Together  they paint a picture of how curiosity can be a breeding ground for grace, where healing and love can abound.

If you’re wanting to foster a life of love, vulnerability, and intimacy, this episode will give you a major building block to create the foundation you need!

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