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The Connected Life

Apr 10, 2023

Each of us have those times in life where we feel devastated to the core. Tragedy strikes and just getting out of bed feels impossible, yet seemingly triumphant. Sometimes it’s so tough it can feel like we’ll never bounce back. But what if in one year things would feel different?

In this episode Justin is joined by his friend, and entrepreneur, Rebecca Bender. Rebecca, a sex trafficking survivor, shares candidly about her life on the the other side of her six years in the sex industry. She looks at the fairytale life people wanted for her, and the pieces she’s spent picking up over the last year and a half when her marriage didn’t have the Hollywood ending everyone hoped for. Rebecca offers hope and perspective for anyone that has gone, or is going through pain they didn’t plan for. 

If you’re wanting to live a life of victory, this episode will lend you bravery and courage to face things you never thought possible. Be sure to share it with all those in need!