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The Connected Life

Mar 20, 2023

For most of us, communicating our emotional experiences with those closest to us can be challenging, for them and for us. Often times when sadness or pain is communicated the message sent or received is that someone is bad. It’s common to find ourselves trying to assign blame, as most of us believe that someone had to be bad in order for pain to have been experienced. But, what if no one has to be bad in order for someone to be sad?

In this episode Justin and Abi sit down with their friends Aaron and Jenna Zint to discuss the power of accepting that someone doesn’t have to be bad just because someone else is sad. Jenna shares how a simple, yet powerful parenting moment initiated a change in the dynamics of their entire family. Aaron vulnerably opens up about how this perspective has even impacted their sex life. 

In a world riddled with barrier-building blame and accusation, this episode will have you rethinking how you approach yourself and others, while giving you practical advice on how to extend bridges to the ones you care about the most. You won’t want to miss a second of it!