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The Connected Life

Mar 13, 2023

For many people friendship can be as anxiety educing as it is enjoyable and fulfilling. Every friendship comes with its ebbs and flows. For some of us, friendship is sacred and the expectations for a long term commitment are set high. For others, friendship is fluid with light attachment. Regardless, friendship has the power to leave a long lasting impact to our benefit or detriment, making each relationship potentially high-stakes. But are we powerless to decide the outcome, or is it possible to dictate our experiences?

In this episode Justin sits down with his close friend and fellow Life Consultant Marcus Miller. Marcus and Justin discuss the seasonal changes that friendships go through. They explore the ways some friends are short term, while others last a lifetime, and how each friendship, no matter how messy it gets, has the potential to leave the impact of an important lesson or love that is worth holding on to.

If you’re wanting to learn how get the most out of friendships, this episode will leave you with important ideas on how to process the best and worst of each relationship, while holding boundaries and keeping an open mind. 

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