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The Connected Life

Dec 19, 2022

Pursuing the desires and dreams we have requires that we’re active participants in our story, while understanding that we’re wildly out of control. The balance necessary to walk this process out leaves many of us tapping out and giving up, often times before we’ve even begun. But what could happen if our greatest losses became an anchor of determination?

In part two of this two part episode Justin and Abi are joined once again by their long-time friends Lauren and Jason. After a devastating miscarriage of a miracle that shouldn’t have happened in the first place, Lauren and Jason decide to pursue IVF as an alternative to having a child. Through a long and arduous process the two find themselves getting much more than they bargained for. Feeling relief, yet faced with a new dilemma, the two are shocked by a twist they never could have seen coming.

A lesson on faith, hope, and love, this episode will help you build resilience towards everything life throws at you and leave you inspired at the possibilities of what can happen when you don’t give up. You won’t want to miss the epic finale of this two part story!

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