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The Connected Life

Dec 12, 2022

Life is filled with unwanted and unforeseen circumstances that can either bury us alive or catapult us into a destiny we never dreamed of. To those that say yes to the process, a life fully lived isn’t the absence of difficulties, but rather the embracing and facing of those difficulties wholeheartedly. 

In part one of this two part episode Abi and Justin are joined by their long time friends Jason and Lauren. Jason opens up about the impact of his divorce, his struggle as a single father of three, and the vulnerable process of finding love again. Lauren shares about her experience as a younger single woman faced with the challenging decision of becoming a mother of three over night with a desire to have her own birth children that may never happen. Together they share about the tragedy that struck them, but didn’t break them, and a decision that will leave you on edge waiting to hear what happened. 

Come join us for a laughter filled episode that will move you to tears and leave you believing that there’s life on the other side of even the greatest of tragedies.

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