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The Connected Life

Nov 21, 2022

Many of us have learned through our experiences that sharing the depth of our stories leads to pain, disconnection, and betrayal. Because of this there are portions of ourselves that we bury deep within, determined to go to the grave with our secrets. But what would happen if we could bare it all without fear of punishment?

In this episode Justin is joined by his step-brother, and founding member of Wild Courage, Jeremy Morris. Together they discuss one of the most impactful weekends of their lives. Gathered together with 40+ men over a weekend of  sharing the most vulnerable parts of their stories, the two dialogue about the intimate and life altering moments that left them speechless. Through tears, authenticity, and radical risk-taking, a group of the most manly men encountered an unrelenting love, changing their lives forever.  

If you want to stop running and start living, this episode will give you the courage and perspective needed to let down your walls and be who you were designed to be! 

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