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The Connected Life

Nov 28, 2022

People can often seem confusing and leave us feeling baffled at many of their decisions. We can find ourselves defensive and angry with behavior that feels radically illogical and painful. But what if every person actually makes sense?

In this episode Abi and Justin help to restore compassion to the human condition as they explore why people do what they do. Being in the middle of the holiday season can be especially triggering as we find ourselves and others acting in ways that create messes and are a recipe for disaster. Putting an end to the madness doesn’t necessarily begin with avoidance as much as it does understanding the madness. Getting connected to yours and others’ stories just might be the light you need to illuminate the best way to relate to yourself and the world around you. 

If you’re wanting to live a more connected lifestyle this holiday season, and in the year to come, this is a MUST listen to episode. 

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