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The Connected Life

Oct 17, 2022

As humans, most of our lives are spent seeking to prove we’re loveable. We invest countless amounts of time performing tasks, and pursuing accomplishments, for the sake of a notoriety that will hopefully give us a sense of acceptance and value. One of the many avenues to earning this love is through a performance-based system of rules within institutionalized religion. But what if there is a love that opposes performance in such a manner that it’s actually offensive? 

In this episode Justin sits down with his friend Jason Clark. Author of Prone to Love, God is NOT in Control, and Leaving and Finding Jesus, Jason shares his offensive views on having friendship with a relational-based creator that is love focused rather servant focused. Together they tackle the taboo topic of the goodness of God in a painful and messy world. They address the difficulties of accepting that we’re beloved children in the midst of our humanity, while challenging listeners to reimagine the truth of who they are. Stretching the bounds of listeners paradigms they investigate what friendship with God could really look like. 

Regardless of your perspectives on faith and spirituality, this episode will leave you with hope for humanity and an invitation to let offensive love have its way in your life. You won’t want to miss a second of this episode!

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