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The Connected Life

Oct 3, 2022

Connection isn’t something that just happens by proximity. Over time connection is something this is deliberately fostered through experiences and conversations that create a deeper knowing of one another. Often times the process of building connection can feel difficult and even mysterious. The truth is, connection can be rather easy when we have some sort of map. 

In this episode Justin and Abi dive into “Connection Cards: Couples Edition” a game designed by The Adventure Challenge to help facilitate a deepening of connection through fun and heartfelt questions. These simple cards instigate a profound sense of connection as Abi and Justin share their authentic and transparent responses and discuss their lives with each other. Through banter, laughter, and some heartfelt responses, get a front row view of how simple the journey of connecting can be. 

If you’re wanting something that will instigate more connection in your closest relationships, this episode is the spark needed to start a blaze.

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