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The Connected Life

Sep 19, 2022

Courage has many expressions, but rarely is the act of vulnerably sharing our story branded as one of them. For many men, our story is held tightly to our chest, guarded by outward acts of accomplishment and performance. The thought of exposing our truth is so terrifying that it’s considered weak to do so. Mustering the courage to get honest is seemingly so impossible that we need to borrow courage from others in order to tell our tale.

In this episode Justin is joined by his brother Jeremy, a cowboy and entrepreneur that came to the end of himself after years of addictions and destructive behavior. Jeremy shares about the blazing fire that has slowly kindled after finding healing from a lifestyle that nearly cost him his marriage and his life. Through his yes to being brave, the men around him have begun to face their greatest fears following his lead as he stopped running and started facing the monsters that had been chasing him for so long. He opens up about the power of sharing your story and how not trying fix men has been the solution to them finding their greatest breakthroughs.

If you have value for men becoming their most authentic expression of who they were made to be, this episode is one you’ll want to hear and pass along to every man you’ve ever met.