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The Connected Life

Aug 1, 2022

Disconnection can be rough, especially in relationships with years of history. For a lot of people it seems easier to sweep all the messiness under a rug. Eventually, however, the rug isn’t big enough to hide the things we would rather ignore. When it comes time to get honest with ourselves, and the ones we love, it can feel impossible to clean up years of denying the reality of our circumstances. But, what if there is a foundation to rebuild a relationship better than before?

In part two of this two part episode, Jonny and Pietze share about their attachment styles and how their lack of understanding of each other built barriers throughout the years. They expose some of their deepest fears that led to a chasm of disconnection. Jonny talks about his new found capacity to be a rock in the relationship, and together they describe how the humility of taking ownership was the bedrock for restoring connection better than ever before.

If you’ve had a long term relationship, or friendship, this conversation will ignite hope, care, love, and understanding for areas in you connection that you didn’t know you needed.

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