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The Connected Life

Jun 20, 2022

Masculinity sometimes has a way of getting a bum wrap for not caring or not being emotionally connected. For many men survival has been in learning how to shut up, keep your head down, and moving forward. More often than not, intimate relationships such as marriage, friendship, and being a father, have a way of exposing undeveloped emotional tools and lack of self-awareness. But does it really mean that men just don’t care?

In this episode Justin is joined by his good friend Jonny Duffield and their special guest Nathan. Nathan opens up about his life of logic, the judgment he held towards emotions, and the painful reality of why he couldn’t access emotions that he inherited from his childhood. Together they dispel the myths about men and their emotions, while shedding light on reasons why they don’t share their feelings.

Nathan’s story will give hope to men and women alike that even the most shut down person can find their way back to themselves and develop the language necessary to share about it with the world.

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