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The Connected Life

Jun 6, 2022

We’ve all had times where we’ve had to interact with people we don’t like. These experiences can feel uncomfortable and frustrating, but often short lived. But what happens when we can’t escape the person we don’t like because they’re a family member, part of a friendship group, or they’re employed at the same place we work?

In this episode Abi and Justin share their own stories about dealing with difficult people they haven’t liked in the past. Together they break down 8 powerful keys to successfully navigating life with people you don’t like but can’t avoid while maintaining a lifestyle of love and connection.

If you’ve ever had to interact with someone you don’t like on a consistent basis, this episode will help you move past plastic smiles and pleasantries to authentic exchanges and care for even the most difficult people! You won’t want to miss this massively empowering episode!

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