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The Connected Life

May 23, 2022

Most parents are trying their best to raise their kids. Since there’s no official handbook on parenting, each parent can find themselves overwhelmed and feeling like a failure from time to time. No parent is perfect, but what if there were some fundamental tips that could change the game altogether?

In this episode Abi sits down with Speech Pathologist Kelsey Brown to talk about Positive Parenting the Highly Sensitive Child. As a balanced voice on positive but not permissive parenting, Kelsey shares vital keys to being with children in their emotions, but not letting them run the home. Through video recording her journey in parenting, Kelsey has created a reflective understanding of herself and her children. Her study of her own highly sensitive child has created a roadmap to help others understand their kids during meltdowns. Her study of herself has helped her develop practical tips on how to regulate yourself as a parent so you can help your kids settle their emotions.

If you’re a parent that wants to break shame in the places you’ve made mistakes and better understand yourself and your children, this profound episode will help change the course of your life. You won’t want to miss it!