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The Connected Life

Apr 18, 2022

Every where we look, the world is filled with people in need. It’s easy to see the enormity of this need and to get overwhelmed. Some times it feels easier to turn a blind eye than to try and figure out how to tackle the problems of this world. But what if we didn’t need to help everyone? What if we only needed to intimately and deliberately invest in one or two people?

In December of 2021 The Connected Life hosted a giveaway of $1,000 to someone who had a great idea of how to give that money away. A generous Connected Life listener matched that donation and not one, but two people got a chance to love someone extravagantly.

In this second episode, Abi and Justin sit down with Angel, who turned her world upside down in her late 40’s to go back to school to learn how to teach English to immigrants and refugees. She shares her heartwarming interaction with a widowed woman from Laos who’s worked rigorously to take care of her two children (one is special needs) while fighting to learn English and adapt to the American culture. Through compassion Angel partnered with love to help change the course of another person’s future.

If you’re looking for hope and inspiration in your life, this is a MUST listen to episode!