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The Connected Life

Apr 4, 2022

An affair is one of the most sensitive and painful subjects in a committed relationship. The effects of an affair spill over onto children, extended family, and friends. With so much pain connected to the issue, it’s no wonder that very few relationships rebound after such broken trust. But, what if there’s hope in the midst of a mess that hasn’t been fully resolved?

In this episode, Justin and Abi sit down with Jess and Justin Beard as they bravely share the details of their difficult journey in the midst of it unfolding. Together they explore their history of trauma prior to marriage and examine the far reaching affects of their upbringings. Through compassion and empathy they’re able to shine a light on reasons they got to this place, while extending grace to anyone that’s had and affair. Through vulnerability and honesty, Jess and Justin give hope to anyone attempting to repair what could feel permanently broken.

If you or someone you know has been affected by infidelity, this episode will give hope for healing and compassion for all parties involved, even in the midst of the messiness. This episode is a MUST share!