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The Connected Life

Mar 21, 2022

As time passes, all of us go through stages of change, for the better or worse. In the midst of creating ups and downs for ourselves, being known and understood is foundational to discovering how to thrive. For those that are willing to sacrificially love others, while choosing others that will love them in return, long-term friendship is possible and powerful.

In this episode Justin is joined by his friend of almost 20 years, Craig Pickerill. They laugh up a storm as they reminisce about their rocky beginning and explore how powerful it’s been to have someone in their corner for so long. They talk about the ways loving one another has impacted them and how time or distance hasn’t been a determining factor to choosing each other. Together they investigate the difficulties many people face in letting someone get so close, yet cast hope for how a long-term friendship can impact those brave enough to allow someone to fully know them.

If you’ve had pain in friendships, or are wanting to go deeper in the friendships you have, this episode will help you to heal from what was, be courageous towards and grateful for what is, and give you hope for what could be. You won’t want to miss this fun and heartfelt episode!