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The Connected Life

Mar 14, 2022

For most, there’s something surreal about a life of success and wealth. Driving our dreams is the idea that when we arrive at a specific destination we’ll be fulfilled. The details are different for everyone, but the hope of happiness in the distant future seems to stay the same. But what happens when you arrive and you don’t feel satisfied?

Bryant Ellis, owner of The Adventure Challenge, joins Justin and Abi to share about his journey to rehab and the inspiration that followed. He opens up about winning Forbes 30 under 30 and the little satisfaction that it brought, much like the wealth, success, and all the big boy toys that he thought would settle his soul. He gives insight into the looming addiction that hid behind his denial, and how finding freedom has been through facing the pain that he’d been ignoring.

If your looking for a conversation that will leave you laughing and inspire you to hope for a happiness that’s tangible, this episode is a MUST!