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The Connected Life

Feb 21, 2022

It’s easy to lose the sense of who we are, and what we believe, for the sake of others in order to belong. We can find ourselves more concerned with following cultural systems, and the rules in these systems, than expressing ourselves in authentic ways. Denying the truth of who we are, what we feel, and what we need is at the foundation of codependancy.

In this episode, Marcus and Brianna Miller join Abi and Justin to graciously explore the ways codependency affects human institutions, and the people within them. They hone in on faith and expose the ways we justify losing ourselves in religion through the lens of Christianity. Together they examine the ways Jesus related to the world through a sense of self and how his compassion was a direct reflection of his emotional intelligence.

Living out of a healthy personal identity begins with finding freedom from the ways we minimize who we are for the world around us. Whether or not you’re a person that relates to the institution of Christianity, this episode will give you permission to become who you were made to be!

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