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The Connected Life

Dec 27, 2021

Dreaming for life is so often ineffective that most people find themselves hopeless and disappointed, and for good reason. People’s approach to dreaming can be haphazard and lofty. But what if you could deliberately set yourself up for successful dreams that crush disappointment and create long-term affects?

In the final episode of 2021, Justin and Abi explore the necessity of reviewing our previous year through the lens of celebration and honesty. Looking back on what worked and what didn’t is the first step to breeding hope for the next year, while creating vision for what you want to see changed. They discuss how a foundation of humility is at the epicenter of a balanced approach to dreaming for life. They give practical tips on coming up with doable dreams, while fostering vision for bigger things and leave you with everything you need to launch into the life you want in 2022.

If there’s only one episode you listen to stepping into 2022, make this the one!

Happy New Year!

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